Quick Response Force

The Quick Response Force (QRF) is a multi-functional unit comprised of Sandy Springs Police officers as well as two Tactical Medics from Sandy Springs Fire Department and a volunteer trauma Doctor. The officers and supervisors on QRF are trained in the proper response to active assailant situations and given additional equipment to fulfill this dangerous mission. They train regularly in firearms, breaching doors, and building clearing and protecting those in need.

Quick Response Force Emblem

Along with the active assailant training, QRF is also a fully operational Tier One Public Order Team. Officers receive training in the proper response to civil disturbance events. These events could include out of control protests, riots, sporting events, or any situation where large crowds have become out of control for standard police response. The officers on QRF have received extensive training and have received the protective equipment needed to respond rapidly to any public disorder event. We also partner with several surrounding agencies in the event that mutual aid is needed.

Members of the QRF team walking through fire in full kit and a photo of the entire team