Alarm Information

Registering Alarms in Sandy Springs

All monitored alarm systems in Sandy Springs are required to be registered with the city. The registration requirement is part of a city ordinance targeting a reduction in the number of false alarms in the city. Under the current City of Sandy Springs Alarm Ordinance, it is the responsibility of the alarm company to register all of its monitored alarm systems in the City. Alarm companies are required to provide their customers with proof of registration and with the alarm site registration number.

If you have questions or concerns about alarm registration, you may call the city’s 3rd party alarm administration company, CryWolf, at 1-855-725-7101.

False alarms are caused by faulty equipment, improper installation, incorrect test procedures, or user error. To reduce false alarms caused by user error, please ensure you and those who will activate the alarm are properly educated on the system’s operation from your alarm company. If you do set your alarm off accidentally, disarm your system as soon as possible and give your alarm monitoring station the necessary password and ID number to have the 9-1-1 call canceled.

Alarm Response and False Alarm Fines

Public safety personnel will always respond to panic, duress, hold-up, fire, and medical alarms as well as to 911 calls from a person at the alarm site. Burglar alarm activations when no one is home or at a business must be verified to be an indication of actual criminal activity to be eligible for police response. It is the alarm company’s responsibility to verify the validity of a burglar alarm. Burglar alarm activations may be verified by audio, video, or private guard response. Under the current Alarm Ordinance, alarm companies are fined when they request public safety response to an alarm activation that turns out to be false and the cause of the false alarm is not user error. The alarm company may or may not pass false alarm fines on to its customers. Please check with your alarm company and understand what their policy is on burglar alarm verification and false alarm fines.

Filing an Appeal

Alarm companies (not alarm users) may appeal an assessment of a false alarm fine or permit suspension to the Alarm Administrator. Appeals must be in writing by submitting the appeal form stating the reasons for the appeal and must be made within thirty (30) days of the date of the fine notice. If your alarm company passes a false alarm fine on to you and you believe the activation was not a false alarm, discuss the matter with your alarm company and work with them on submitting an appeal.