Cold Case Murder Investigations

The Coleman-Baker Act (O.C.G.A 17-21-3) was enacted in 2023 to assist the families of cold case murder and homicide victims in Georgia. The act defines the circumstances under which law enforcement agencies are required to reopen cold case investigations.

To be eligible for reinvestigation, a cold case would need to have occurred after January 1, 1970 and at least 3 years prior to submitting a reinvestigation application.

The request must be made by a designated person as defined in the Coleman-Baker Act:

An immediate family member or their designed legal representative who shall be a member in good standing with the Georgia State Bar. Immediate family member means a parent, parent-in-law, grandparent, grandparent-in-law, sibling, child, or stepchild of a victim or any person who exercised in loco parentis control over victim under the age of 18 years.

Under the act, the original investigating agency is responsible for reopening the cold case investigation.

If you are a “designated person” and would like to request that the Sandy Springs Police Department reopen a cold case murder or homicide investigation that was previously investigated by the department, and which occurred after January 1, 1970 but not within the past 3 years, please fill out an online application.