Property & Evidence Unit

7840 Roswell Road, Suite 400, Sandy Springs, GA 30350
Monday-Thursday (9:00am – 4:30pm)

Property Retrieval Information

The Sandy Springs Police Department comes into contact with and manages a large variety and volume of property items. These items are secured and classified as either evidence, safekeeping, or found property. If the SSPD is in possession of your property and you would like to retrieve it, you may contact the Property & Evidence Unit by phone (770-551-6909) or email ( to schedule an appointment and/or discuss the availability of your property item(s). Scheduled appointments are preferred. The P&E Unit will attempt to accommodate walk-ins if/when P&E personnel are available. The Property & Evidence Unit is located at 7840 Roswell Road, in Building 400.

Scheduling Appointments

Call/leave message (770-551-6909), or email (, and provide your name, case number, and contact information. You will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Needed For Retrieval

  • You must present a Sandy Springs Police Department case number
  • You must present a yellow copy of the property and evidence receipt (if you were provided with one)
  • You must present one form of government issued picture identification
  • If using a power of attorney, it must be an original copy

Firearm Retrieval

An appointment is required. A criminal history check will be performed before release. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Impounded Vehicles

Impounded or towed vehicles are stored at A Tow Towing, 770-475-1810.  A Tow is located at:

11412 North Fulton Industrial Boulevard
Alpharetta, GA 30009

If A Tow indicates a “Hold” has been placed on your vehicle for investigative purposes, you must contact the Sandy Springs Police Department (770-551-6900) to request the “Hold” to be removed.

Locate a Towed Vehicle

The link above will allow you to locate a vehicle that has been towed or impounded by a police agency or private business.

Property Auctions

By statute, law enforcement agencies must sell seized, recovered, found, and unclaimed personal property at public auction. Property to be auctioned can be found at: