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Emergency Police Service
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There are times when you need a report, form or registration information related to the Sandy Springs Police Department. Below are the most frequently asked for documents and instructions on how to obtain.

Alarm Information

The City of Sandy Springs utilizes True Verification for alarm response.  Public safety personnel will always respond to panic, duress, hold-up, fire, and medical alarms as well as to 911 calls from a person at the alarm site.  Burglar alarm activations when no one is home or at a business must be verified to be an indication of actual criminal activity to be eligible for police response.
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Off-Duty Officer Requests

Off-duty police officers are often called to handle security and/or traffic management for private gatherings, festivals, and events. For information on hiring off-duty officers, contact Major Mike Lindstrom at 770-551-6958 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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Traffic Accident and Incident Reports

You may access and purchase police reports online at Sandy Springs Police Reports. Ideally, you should have the case number to facilitate the search. If you do not have the case number, reports can also be searched by date and address.

The cost for a report is $5.00
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Vehicle Release

If your vehicle has been towed/impounded by the City of Sandy Springs, please contact A-Tow to make arrangements for vehicle release.

180 Harriet Street, S.E.
Atlanta, GA 30315
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Property/Evidence Retrieval

Learn how to retrieve personal property held by us.
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Report a Crime and Crime Tips

Report non-emergency crimes online.
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Criminal History Reports

Learn how to obtain a copy of your driver's history report.
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Alcohol Pouring Permits

Learn who in Sandy Springs needs an alcohol pouring permit and how to obtain one.
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Out-of-Town Residential Check

Residential check services are offered at no charge to Sandy Springs residents.
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Sandy Springs Police Benevolent Fund

A non-profit 501(c) (3) charitable organization that was founded to foster and enhance the quality of life for the members of the City of Sandy Springs Police and Fire Departments and other local public safety organizations.
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Sandy Springs Police Department
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Sandy Springs, GA 30350

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For Emergency Police Service Dial 911, 24 Hours a Day

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