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Police shut down party house on Heards Ferry, make three arrests

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The Sandy Springs Police Department has made two arrests following an investigation which started after receiving numerous complaints of a large residential party on Heards Ferry Road.


On Saturday July 24th just after 10PM, Sandy Springs Police Officers were dispatched to the area of Heards Ferry Road near Weatherly Drive after receiving numerous complaints of a possible concert being held behind a residence. Officers arrived and noticed hundreds of vehicles parked on Weatherly Drive and adjacent streets to Heards Ferry Road. The vehicles were improperly parked on both sides of the street; making it impossible for emergency vehicles to get through in the event of an emergency. As officers continued to investigate the source of the music, they located a large group of people congregated at 711 Heards Ferry Road.
As officers continued their investigation, they located a live music band putting on a concert for approximately 500-600 people who were in attendance. Officers ended the party and asked everyone to leave. While looking for the homeowner, Officers were able to see a drink station composed of a bartender serving alcoholic beverages. Further, officers noticed that most of the party-goers appeared to be underage and many showed signs of intoxication. In addition to the underage drinking and the sales of alcoholic beverages, Officers smelled the odor of what they commonly associate with burnt marijuana throughout the back yard.
The homeowner was found and was identified as 54 year old Timothy Gregg Osby. Mr. Osby informed the officers that he did not have a permit issued by the City of Sandy Springs to have a large party or concert and that he did not have a business license or permit to sale alcoholic beverages, merchandise or to charge an admission fee. Mr. Osby explained that this event was simply for his daughter’s music band. After further investigation, Officers learned this concert was advertised on social media and was planned and coordinated by Mr. Osby and his ex-wife, Samantha Osby.

At the conclusion of this investigation, Mr. Osby was arrested and charged with the following:

· Operating a Special Event without a permit (City of Sandy Springs Ordinance)
· Furnishing Alcoholic Beverages to Persons under 21 years of Age (City of Sandy Springs Ordinance)
· Disorderly Conduct for possessing of marijuana (City of Sandy Springs Ordinance)

52 year old Samantha Osby was arrested and charged with the following:

· Operating a Special Event without a permit (City of Sandy Springs Ordinance)
The Officers estimated between 500 and 600 persons attended this concert at the residence and the majority of them appeared to be underage. As the partygoers were leaving the home, several of them yelled profanities at Officers and several threw items at police vehicles.

An 18th year old female was also arrested after refusing to get off the roadway and go home. The female was intoxicated and refused to cooperate with officers. She was charged with the following:

· False Representation to Police (City of Sandy Springs Ordinance)
· Public Intoxication (City of Sandy Springs Ordinance)

All three defendants will appear before a Sandy Springs Municipal Court Judge to address the above listed charges. This case has also been referred to the Sandy Springs Fire Department’s Fire Marshal as well as to the Sandy Springs Code Enforcement Department for review and additional charges are possible.

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